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How to work with a virtual assistant

How to work with a virtual assistant

If you are a business owner in need of assistance, you may require the services of a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a self-employed professional who specializes in providing administrative services to clients from a remote location, typically a home office. A virtual assistant's typical responsibilities include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts. If you are a business owner that needs help for your company maybe you need a virtual assistant.

Working productively with a virtual assistant can be helpful for your business to grow. Being a company owner, you must delegate the task to your VA properly in order to work effectively.

Here are the tips for working productively with Virtual Assistants.

1. Prioritize communication.

Effective communication is a critical aspect of obtaining any job done, whether in person or virtually, and is part of an organization's internal communications efforts. Good communication can improve teamwork and project collaboration. It is applicable to almost every industry. Workplace communication is essential for improving internal communication. Keeping effective communication open means that management and the team below them are on the same page.

2. Make Use of Shared Records

Records promote honesty and accountability by documenting and providing evidence of work activities and making them public. Records aid in the delivery of high-quality programs and services, inform decision-making and aid in the achievement of organizational objectives. At the start of a working relationship with a VA, it pays to create shared systems including passwords and other important credentials. Also having a shared, ongoing project list is a fantastic idea for storing updates and feedback without duplication. The employer can specify which tasks should be done and how urgent they are, and the VA can annotate those that have been completed or are in the process.

3. Reward the abilities that you value.

Although thanks for a job well done is always appreciated, more specific praise can actually shape your VA's input. If you praise your assistant's word choice on social media, they will most likely value such tasks more.

4. Describe Your Expectations.

Knowing your VA's weekly hours can help keep you both focused and set expectations in terms of contact times. Dorie, for example, always knew when I'd be available for a quick phone call or to complete tasks that came up out of nowhere. Shared expectations can also help with overall goals and priorities. A skilled VA will prioritize wisely, but it will help if you communicate your vision explicitly. If you have an overarching goal for social media or SEO, communicating it to your VA will help them prioritize accordingly.

5. Create a rapport

Given the nature of email communication and the virtual world in general, taking the time and making the effort to create a friendly environment is worthwhile. Some VAs work across the globe from their employers, but even taking the time to have a Skype chat with video can help "personalize" the interaction and make you feel more connected. When your VA believes they are a part of your mission, they will promote your brand and go out of their way to help your cause, even if they are no longer working with you.

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