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Exercise while working on the computer

Exercise while working on the computer

In this time of the pandemic, we have been encouraged to bring our work to our homes because of the unsafe environment. It opened a room for us to earn whilst staying at home. In a snap, we can’t easily go out to have a few minutes of walk or run.

These days, everyone is working long hours and has no time to exercise. And we stay oftentimes at our desks for a long period of time. These long periods of being sedentary at our desks can lead to back pain and other chronic diseases. Plan to move a little bit. Do some stretches before, in between, and after work. It can eliminate the risk of having those diseases and boost productivity. Exercising while working is also helpful in our mental health. In some ways, it helps us release stress.

The Advantages of Exercising at Home

· It is practical.

· It is adaptable and versatile.

· There is never a problem with availability.

· You can have privacy.

· A relaxing atmosphere

· You can concentrate on your fitness.

· Budget-Friendly

Ways to exercise while working

1. Proper allocation of computer/desktop/laptop, printers, scanner, photocopier, trash bin. Place them away on your desk so you have a chance to walk to reach them.

2. Timely changing of position throughout the day

3. You can use a wireless headset, so you have the ability to stand and move during meetings and phone/video calls.

4. Modify your daily work tasks so you can change your postures and use different parts of your body.

5. Have a short regular break. Aim to move away from your desk and change your position every 30minutes.

6. Try to be active while working by getting around during your shift. For example, combine a meeting with a walk.

7. On your short breaks, get those knees up for 60seconds (march in place)

8. While sitting, put your both arms over your head for 30 seconds, then rapidly tap your feet on the floor, football-drill style for 30seconds. You can repeat it 3 to 5 times.

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