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Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is one way to advertise your products as well as services through digital platforms like social media, emails, chats, or mobile applications. This is a form of advertising that involves electronic campaigns which can be done either online or offline.

What are the challenges of Digital Marketing?

Every business owner faces exceptional challenges, depending on their services and industry. They have a lot of roles in making daily verdicts, especially when it comes to marketing. Some problems are industry-specific and need a subject-matter expert to find solutions.

Here are some online marketing challenges

1. Target Market

By explaining who your target customer is the groundwork of small business digital marketing. A lot of business owners think they should spend more than their competitors for them to make an impression on marketing and advertising digitally when in reality, understanding customers and focusing on customer service is more effective than the competition.

2. Understanding what your customer wants

You have to foresee what it's like from the buyer's point of view to see what your business is essentially doing in the marketplace. The products or services that your company is offering can be of high quality, but your potential clients don't understand what your business is all about, maybe one of the reasons they wouldn't acknowledge you or your product. It is very important to ask them directly using surveys, conduct seminars, gather them in an event or use any outreach methods. That way, you will gain knowledge of what your possible target audience wants better than your competitor.

3. Know how to turn your possible target audience into buying customers

Make sure to reach out to non-customers and continuously build a connection to your existing customers. You need to find out what preferences they want to stick to your business offerings.

Doing the research, and asking your audience what they want, is an important step to have close ties to them. This is a more effective approach than praying and waiting for sales to come in. Even if your products are awesome!

4. Developing a content marketing strategy

The first step in a content marketing strategy is by knowing your target market; second, you need to determine what content is considered valuable to your audience to start developing a plan.

Developing a content marketing strategy is something every business or institute should prepare; this might intersect with your social media marketing strategy and other marketing enterprises. Most business owners don't know where to start. You need to know what content is considered when developing a marketing strategy.

5. Going Multichannel or Omnichannel

To start your campaign you need to determine whether it will be multichannel or omnichannel. Multichannel means "many channels" and can be offline and offline; this refers to a brand's interactions with leads and customers across diverse channels. Multichannel marketing can be voice, email, chat, print, or physical store. On the other hand, omnichannel means "all channels". This is an approach that aims to provide modified and integrated knowledge across various touchpoints and devices. An omnichannel method is combining sales and marketing so that the customer can cross between channels without a glitch and continue their journey with a brand.

6. Creating mobile-first and responsive content

A good principle is to start designing or creating content for mobile devices first. Why? Because this will be very challenging for starters; making sure your content works on mobile, then it will work on desktop as well. When creating mobile-first content it is also important to consider that first, elements should not be too close together (e.g. clickable buttons and links). Second, you need to make sure that graphics and images are large enough so that your target audience won't be having a hard time reading and learning your content.

Tips when making responsive content:

  • Make sure your text is readable without zooming in or turning your device horizontally.

  • Make sure that links are apart enough that will be easily tapped with a finger.

  • Use a speed test to check whether your page loads quickly.

  • Make sure you are not using software that is not compatible with mobile devices.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

1. Most customers are online

According to Digital 2019 Reports, there are approximately 4.388 billion internet users as of 2019 and the number increased to about 9% from January of 2018. Looking at this data can give you an idea that there are more people to reach out to by practicing digital marketing. Businesses need exposure, and online marketing is one way to find customers. When potential customers hear about you online, chances are they're going to seek you and if they can't find anything about you on any social media platforms, you may lose them as customers.

2. Fast and Cost-effective

There are two types of marketing, one is digital marketing which is more affordable and the other one is traditional marketing which can cause you to spend a lot. If you're a small business owner that has limited resources and still starting, spending money to advertise traditionally is not ideal, because aside from it being time-consuming, you will need to print ads, flyers, or posters. With digital marketing, you can start the process of advertising immediately. You will only need to study and apply what you've learned on different digital platforms.

3. Caters to mobile phone users

You can promote your business targeting mobile phone users. This way you can reach out to your audience since according to research billions of people uses mobile phones to connect on social media platforms or do their research and find stuff online.

4. Help you establish your brand’s reputation

Digital marketing will give your business a chance to build a rapport. This allows you to show your audience what your business is all about and how you can cater to their needs.

5. Have higher Revenues

Digital marketing has a higher return of investment and a higher conversion rate compared to traditional marketing. It's a plus that you spend less on promoting your brand using digital marketing.


Digital marketing nowadays is a business's means of survival, through the exposure of your brand to bigger target customers. This may sound crucial at the start but if you take time to learn about it, this will help you grow your business and you'll eventually see that your company has the potential to expand.

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