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Different Types of Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Being a virtual assistant can give you the flexibility to balance the time, work, and lifestyle you are longing for. Of course, like any other job, you need to obtain hard work and perseverance, especially at the beginning.

If you become a virtual assistant you may have the power to choose what you want to work with and what tasks you may do, thus you'll be able to manage your time and work from anywhere. This could be from the comfort of your home, at a café, or even a beach!

You just have to learn the basics, know your strengths and weaknesses and most importantly you have to believe in yourself, in no time you'll be able to build your VA business!

Types of Virtual Assistant

Types of Virtual Assistant

1. Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

They are the ones responsible for keeping track of records for their employer's business. This staff is hired to support small and big business owners with their finances. They may employ themselves individually or with the help of an accounting firm. Bookkeepers are of great help to save money at any cost.

2. Administrative Virtual Assistant

They are the ones responsible for all business transactions and personal administrative jobs. They are hired to support executives and leaders who want to free their workloads. Admin virtual assistants can be very versatile when it comes to their work. They can schedule appointments, emails, bookkeeping, file paperwork, and prepare reports.

3. Real Estate Virtual Assistant

They are the ones responsible for scheduling appointments, showing properties, helping agents with paperwork, and making outbound calls with potential buyers or sellers. This virtual assistant works at a real agent company, but they may also employ themselves remotely by finding more leads and focusing on sales, and on building relationships with customers as well.

4. Social Media Virtual Assistant

They are responsible for managing social media accounts on behalf of their clients. They focus on updating the social media platforms of their customers, writing a post in advance, and keeping track of all posts made by a team member. They may work full time to update your online channels regularly so you won't spend hours away from your business.

5. Blog Virtual Assistant

They are the ones assisting clients with technical works and they are really helpful to bloggers who are just starting. These virtual assistants help you with high-quality content, schedule social media posts for your blogs and make sure it stays secure.

6. Customer Service Virtual Assistant

They are the ones responsible for handling customer-related concerns via email, chats, and phone calls. Customer service virtual assistants answer inquiries with regards to your products and services and extend any possible help to the customers.

7. Data Entry Virtual Assistant

They are the ones responsible for executing wide information to clients' databases. Parts of their jobs are transcribing, taking down notes using Google calendars or any other online calendars, and inputting contact information on customers' databases.

8. Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

They are the ones responsible for creating creative designs for customers. These include making flyers, brochures, posters, logo designs that can be used on different social media platforms to promote business for clients. Being a graphic designer social media should know Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Another platform they are using is Canva, which is also a tool for designing. What is important is that you have at least a basic knowledge when it comes to designing to showcase yourself to your client.

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